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About us


'FOURTOZERO(a.k.a. 420)' 포투제로가 처음 '시작한 공간'을 의미합니다. 


 시즌 정해진 테마 안에서

포투제로만의 감성을 녹인 캡슐 컬렉션을 공개합니다.


또, 시즌과 관계없이 가방 제품과 패션 굿즈를 선보입니다.


저희는 빠르게 변화하는 트렌드에 좌우되기 보다,

우리만의 무드와 편안함을 제품에 담아내기 위해 노력합니다.


오래도록 소장할 수 있고, 사람들의 기억 속에 오래 머무르며,

갖고 싶은 브랜드를 넘어 함께하는 브랜드로 나아가는 게 브랜드 목표입니다.




'FOURTOZERO(a.k.a.420)' means the space where FOURTOZERO first started.


Every season, within a set theme,

We reveal a capsule collection of FOURTOZERO.


Also, regardless of the season,

We introduce bag products and various fashion goods.


Rather than being swayed by fast-changing trends,

We try to put our own mood into the product.


Moreover, our goal is to show our products that can be kept for a long time

and to be the brand that stays in your memory for a long time.